History of the development of Gucci

Gucci brand is renowned for its high-end fashion, luxury, sexy and famous with "a symbol of status and wealth of the" brand image as a wealthy consumer society darling, has been favored by the business community, while yet elegant fashion. Gucci is now Italy's largest fashion groups.

"Gucci kingdom" by Guccio Gucci was founded in the 30s. In Florence, he opened the first store to launch a series of iconic products, including well-known pack bamboo. GUCCI from renowned international fashion. Over time, this well-known clothing store were given a luxurious, sexy, modern quality. It is the ultimate modern luxury of making. In 1970, the beginning of the brand into the fragrance industry. Since then, it introduced such as: Envy perfume, eau de toilette, perfume and men was introduced Envy me2 sexy perfume, perfume extraordinary charm.

The rapidly changing fashion trends! From since the mid-90's, fashion brand powerful few and far between, but Gucci is one of the most hot. Gucci brand with a lot of the same brand after a period of low period, before gradually returning to the international mainstream, in fact, the historical development of early Gucci, founder Guccio Gucci back in 1898 in London to come into contact with Fusion, celebrities, and for their deeply fascinated by good taste.

Brand History

High leather from Italy to lead the global fashion store super brand momentum plummeted from family disputes to the post-Tom Ford took over the rise of renewable, Gucci from the clouds to the bottom, from bottom to cloud the story really is a legend.

Gucci founder Guccio Gucci 1881 was born in Florence, Hotel Savoy in London as a porter. Guccio Gucci back in 1921 my hometown of Florence, LLC opened a leather and saddlery shop, as the business grows, the new store in Rome, the opening of the famous Via Condotti. Although the war because of the lack of leather raw materials, but Gucci is a timely innovation, mass production of cloth bags, a huge following. In 1939, Gucci's four sons have joined, Gucci transition from career to family business. In 1953 the first overseas branch in New York opened in Manhattan 58th Avenue, Gucci has become the international brand name. More It is worth mentioning that, Gucci is the brand of today's ancestor, in order to protect the quality, Gucci brand name will be printed on their products, the history of fashion in the world to see is the first initiative.

Founded in 1921 from the beginning, Gucci has taken the aristocratic line, luxury and style of the slightly tough masculinity. 1947 Gucci bamboo bag in hand come out of bamboo, followed by the initials with the name of the founder of the classic double-G logo, lined in red and green sash of the canvas and leather goods will also be available, Gucci and LV as a tied for the world's most commonly counterfeit goods. With the title of Central MA Moccasin shoes, designed by Grace Kelly for the Flower Scarf, repeatedly received favorable comments on behalf of wearing Gucci has been a symbol of social status.

Gucci rapid business growth has not been smooth sailing since then entered the age of 70 after struggling with the problem of counterfeiting in addition to the interests of family strife, hardship and the entire enterprise into a quagmire. In 1993, the third-generation successor to Gucci selling Maurizio until Domenico De Sole, former president ushered in as the design director Tom Ford have changed. Tom Ford once said: "Talking about the history of Gucci can not skip the movie stars and celebrities not to mention dinner, and I would like to create this piece of history during the 90 version." Tom Ford selected in 1995 to a popular model is minimalist very sultry image of the stage to show his design for the Gucci fashion sexy autumn series. The show was an unprecedented success in the world led to the purchase of Gucci frenzy, Ford completely changed over the past gorgeous Gucci style, into the sexy gene, so that today almost Gucci brand sexiest.

Branded products

Clothing, shoes, purses, watches, home accessories, pet products, scarves and neckties and perfumes.

From 40 to 60 during the end of the decade, Gucci introduced a series of bags with bamboo handle, insert the metal loop of soft shoes, such as printing a series of classic scarf designed? Goods unique design and good materials, has become a symbol of elegance and luxury for Jacqueline Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Duchess of Windsor held in esteem by celebrities such as ladies.

Gucci trademark red and green to green, blue red and blue color combination of two mainly to the difference between natural leather and leather dyeing. At the same time, the company is also the name of Guccio Gucci, founder of the first GG to write letters for jewelry network logo at the end, at the same time, high-quality cotton cloth, known as GG, for the manufacture of handbags, jewelry and clothing.

After World War II, due to lack of raw materials such as leather to canvas? Alternatives. Printed book into the letters G and eye-catching logo for the red and green as a symbol of Gucci in the various types of canvas briefcase, handbag, wallet and other products of Gucci. Gucci excellent luggage industry in France has developed into a Louis Vuitton (Louis - Vuitton) famous brand. At the same time has also become the world other manufacturers copied, imitated the object. In the future a decade or two, with the product range continues to expand, his early years in Florence-based Gucci has risen rapidly, the development of branch offices around the world of international groups, the product throughout Europe, America and Asia. Not only popular shoes, bags, boxes, as well as clothing, perfume, family daily necessities, with scarves and other accessories.

It can be said that, to some extent, it is precisely because of these species continue to expand and develop and improve the Gucci brand, it is no longer limited to the area of the existing market, and attention has increasingly become the subject of brand names. As a result of a large number of counterfeit and imitation products, the emergence of Gucci brand had a lot of financial and material resources to carry out its struggle to preserve its good corporate image. In fact, the production and operation for many years, so that Gucci have some of the classic signs, such as the eternal and gold-plated jewelry is the traditional Gucci products, but also is not the kind of tie Gucci shallow clogs, has its great commercial profits. Gucci leather tanning products particularly in the cortex of the pig skin and delicate features, see the most products.

Gucci History

The beginning of the last century, the Italian Gucci Gucci lived in Europe and London and Paris, uncles, his people on the local fashion clothing is beginning to experience grade. Return to Florence in 1921, he opened a business devoted to high-end luggage accessories and equestrian supplies stores, selling the best local craftsmen from exquisite leather goods, and put in the above Gucci (GUCCI) logo. Only a few years, which attracted a group of shops on the background at home and abroad customers. This great success to the European Gucci Gucci in Rome in 1938, opened its first stores.

After World War II, due to lack of raw materials, Gucci in 1947 to design a bamboo handle leather bag alternative, the design is still classic. To 50 years, from the red and green bellyband Gucci red stripe was used as a decorative accessory design, the brand has become yet another logo design.

In 1953, the Gucci brand has the reputation of the sun at high noon. This year, Gucci Gucci's death in Europe and the company is also the same year the New York branch opened, it marked the Gucci began to attack the global market. 60's, along with Gucci, London, Paris and Palm Beach, Florida, the establishment of branches, the representative of the Italian fashion brand and grade of the most important market in the world firmer footing. To 60 at the end, "GG" Gucci officially become the brand identity.

In 1970, Gucci's global expansion point to the Far East, Hong Kong and Tokyo, with its shops, respectively. Early 80's, the company Gucci leadership by Gucci hair master, but at this time, Gucci family disputes the impact of the company's internal development, brand Gucci began to decline. In 1990, the American Tom Ford joined Gucci as the company's women's creative director. Herald the arrival of his Gucci the beginning of revolutionary change.

In 1994, Tom Ford, Gucci, was appointed creative director of the Group-wide product, in March the following year, he introduced its reputation of silk shirts, velvet mohair coat and pants, to shape a set of modern, sexy, in a new image. Tom Ford Gucci drastic rectification will change this traditional brand new modern speak, so that Gucci fashion to become the representative of the younger group. Europe and the United States in the 90's luxury fashion brand in transition, Gucci re-define your own status in the fashion industry is doing is undoubtedly the most successful.

Since 1994, Gucci has been the world's most influential fashion brand of super-heavyweights. At the same time, it began to fashion a global brand of quality circles involving subglottic, France Saint Laurent and other brands have become a classic Gucci Group. In 1997, Gucci bought the co-operation as long as 23 years of well-known Swiss watch factory Severin Montres, and thus full control of its own business of watches and clocks. In 1998, Gucci by good strategic vision, business management and financial operation of the League of European Business News as a "Year of Europe." In 1999, Gucci Mayfair with retailers to engage in strategic alliances to make their own change from a single brand of super multi-brand fashion kingdom, to become Italy's largest fashion groups. Today, Gucci stores around the world, covering apparel, leather goods, accessories and fragrances, such as various types of products are sought after by the global fashion.

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